FABS Rescue does not operate an animal shelter facility, rather, we are a 100% foster-based rescue that provides temporary homes for rescue dogs and cats through our foster program. During the transition period from shelter to foster home, a rescue dog or cat recovers from the stress of an animal shelter or losing their previous home and prepares them for a new life with a loving family. A soft bed to rest on, a gentle hand to offer comfort, a safe place during this stressful time--our foster homes are a stable environment that provide all of this and more.

The work of a foster volunteer is both challenging and rewarding. Most dogs and cats long for companionship and affection. Big changes, isolation, and an uncertain future can cause anxiety for these dogs and cats. When a dog or cat is pulled from a shelter, he or she may need medical attention, socialization or basic training. Sometimes a rescue dog is malnourished, underweight or overweight; however, most dogs are resilient, eager to learn, enjoy exercise and bond to their person - your foster dog will remember you for the rest of his or her life.  Rescue cats often have the same circumstances and don't do well in a shelter environment.  Oftentimes these cats just need the reassurance and stability that the love and care in a foster home provides to help them flourish and trust again. 

Do you have extra room in your home to foster a dog or cat? Are you thinking about getting a dog or cat but perhaps you're not ready to commit to a 12-15 year lifespan? Fostering could be right for you!

If you are interested in being a foster parent for FABS Rescue, please go to the Applications page and fill out a Cat or Dog Foster Application.