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Furry Animals Being Saved Rescue, Inc. was founded in May 2019 and is committed to the mission of saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats.  


Meet Crystal! She is a sweet two year old German Shepard that came to FABS Rescue after she was hit by a car in Tennessee and her owners surrendered her due to the extent of her injuries.  This poor gentle giant had a right scapular fracture as well as a right pubic fracture.  Surgery is required for Crystal to be able to heal properly so she will have a great quality of life moving forward.

Crystal is now home recovering from surgery.  We are so happy it went well but Crystal has a long road of recovery and many more doctor appointments ahead of her for full recovery.

We are now in need of YOUR help. Crystals total vet bills are $5,250.00.  As a Non-Profit Rescue we solely rely on donations to help save animals like Crystal.  We ask that you please donate towards Crystals medical bills.  Any amount helps even if everyone donated a small amount like $5 we could raise enough to help pay her vet bills. Please know that every dollar we raise will go towards her care and the care of other animals in need. 


Help us help Crystal as she and so many others deserve a shot at happiness.

If you are able to donate please go to the Donate page for options, or by mailing a check or money order to FABS Rescue PO Box 114 Tolland CT 06084



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