Adoption Fees:
Puppies (up to 1 year old): $400
Dogs 1-6 years old: $300
Dogs 7 years or older: $250
Kittens (up to 1 year old): $200
Cats (1 year or older): $150 

Our Adoption Process:
Thank you for your interest in adopting or fostering with FABS Rescue.  We are dedicated to making sure the animal you adopt is the perfect addition to your family. Our foster parents and volunteers work hard to make sure you find the right cat or dog for your home, so our application process is designed to ensure the perfect match between our adoptable animals and their potential adopters.

Please read before applying:


  • Please be sure to complete the application as thoroughly as possible. Failure to provide contact information for your vet, landlord (if applicable) and/or personal references will delay the process or will result in a failed application

  • We will acknowledge your submission and then begin processing.  Please call your vet's office and authorize them to speak with us. Many vet offices will not release information to us without you calling and giving them permission.  If we call your vet and you have not given them permission to speak with us, we will move on to the next application.

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and be in a permanent/stable residence.  If the home is rented, we require written documentation from the landlord giving permission to adopt the animal(s).  

  •  We are all volunteers and do our best to respond to applications within 3 to 4 days of receipt, but it can sometimes be a bit longer.  Please be patient with us; we do respond to all applications received.

  • We often get multiple applications for the same animal. It is our goal to place the pets in our program in the homes we feel are the best matches for them; we do not operate on a first come, first serve basis. We also do not hold pets for adoption, and do not promise an animal to anyone until after a home visit has been completed.  If you are not quite ready to adopt now (you have a vacation coming up, you are in the process of moving, etc.), please check back with us when you are settled and ready to welcome a new family member.

Please note that the number of applications we receive can far outweigh the number of volunteers we have available to work on them, so applications can take longer than the estimates listed.  If we should reach out with questions and do not receive a prompt response, we may move on to the next applicant.

  • There are 3 stages to the application process: 

  1. Reference checks. We verify your vet reference and your personal references; this takes 2 to 3 days. This stage will go faster if you inform your references (including landlord, when applicable) that we will be calling and to return our phone calls when we leave messages. If you rent your home, the Landlord Consent Form must be completed and returned to us.

  2. Home visit. This process could take another 2 to 5 days, depending on proximity to a volunteer and/or volunteer capacity.  A home visit is required for final approval of an application.

  3. Meet & greet. Required for dogs only. We will schedule a meet and greet with you and your family, including any dogs in your household. Meet & greets for cats/kittens are done at the request of the applicant and the availability/discretion of the foster.  Meet & greets are scheduled only after a home visit has been completed.

Dog Adoption Application

Cat Adoption Application

Dog Foster Application

Cat Foster Application


Adoption fees help cover the medical care, food, and transportation costs of the animal while he or she waits for a new home. FABS Rescue vets every animal that enters the rescue, and some of this care required can be quite extensive and therefore, quite expensive. Adoption fees help to provide care for all animals in the rescue who may have medical bills that are much higher than any possible adoption fee. The money also acts as a donation to help support our organization as a whole, which allows us to continue our efforts to rescue and rehome pets.

Some common expenses for our rescue animals are:

  • Spay or neuter surgery

  • Microchipping

  • Age-appropriate tests and/or vaccinations (monthly heartworm and flea/tick treatment/prevention, rabies, distemper, FeLV, FIV tests, etc.)

  • Complete medical care for illnesses or injuries discovered when they enter our rescue  

  • Transportation and/or boarding costs

  • Food, vet visits, medication, dental work, recommended bloodwork...the list goes on!

Our adoptable animals are provided with anything and everything they need to ensure they are healthy and happy before going to their forever homes.