We are a 100% foster-based rescue, which means we cannot rescue an animal unless we have a foster home to place them.  Fosters help prepare rescue dogs and cats in need of some extra love for their forever homes. Foster care is the most crucial, yet scarcest, ingredient in rescue. Fosters provide the invaluable love and care that a dog or cat needs in the transition period from rescue to adoption. Foster parents temporarily provide food, care and shelter for rescue dogs or cats until a forever home can be found.

Foster Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe, secure and stable home environment

  • Provide food, water, medical and/or veterinary care at our approved vets, if necessary

  • Administer medications, if necessary

    • Dogs:

      • Socialize your foster with other people and dogs

      • Teach basic obedience skills & commands

      • Learn about and assess temperament, character and abilities to help choose the best home for the dog

    • Cats/Kittens:

      • Have a separate "safe room" with food, water, litter box and toys; this provides quiet and safety while getting used to new surroundings

      • Spend as much time as possible with the cat/kittens as each day playing, handling and petting so they become comfortable with human interaction

      • Evaluate personality and provide recommendations for an ideal forever home

We greatly appreciate our foster parents, but we also understand that being a foster parent is not for everyone. It’s a very serious responsibility! If you are interested in being a foster parent for FABS Rescue, please fill out a Cat Foster Application or a Dog Foster Application.

Financial Responsibilities

While in foster care, we cover all necessary or required veterinary care at our approved vets. Any care at a non-partner vet must be approved in advance or it may be denied. For all foster dogs we provide a leash and collar; other supplies initially required to prepare for the arrival of your foster dog may also be provided based upon need or request.  In some cases, and upon request, we may be able to loan or offer a crate.  We may provide or reimburse for food (and litter for cats/kittens), also based upon request. 

FAQ: What happens if we decide we want to keep our foster dog/cat?

This is not uncommon and is lovingly termed a “foster fail”. When this happens, and when the foster home is a good fit for the dog or cat, first priority to adopt is usually given to the foster.  As our priority is finding the best/most ideal forever home for any dog or cat, any/all adoptions (even by foster parents) must be approved by FABS Rescue, and may be denied at our sole discretion.

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To contact us to learn more about fostering, or about ways you can help us save lives, email us at One of our volunteers will contact you to answer your questions or to discuss potential opportunities to volunteer your time.